There is a perfect school for every student

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350 schools, 2,000 miles covered, 291 surveys filled, 189 hours of school visits... one Tatler Schools Guide

Our readers trust the Tatler Schools Guide above all others to give them the insider’s view of the very best private schools the UK has to offer. After consulting our guide, and listening to our podcasts, they often form a short list of ‘dream schools’ for their children.

However, this is where it can get tricky. Across the top 240 schools that are in the Tatler Schools Guide, we truly believe there is the perfect school for every student, but how do you make that connection? How do you ensure that you pick the best school for your child? The school that will nurture and support their strengths, and bolster and boost their weaknesses.

We searched long and hard to find the perfect match for our guide, to help you continue the journey from our pages to reality. A partner that mirrored our ethos in absolutely ensuring a child’s happiness and wellbeing is at the forefront of every decision we help you make.

That partner is Bonas MacFarlane, the UK’s most respected provider of educational advice. Together we offer parents over 40 years of educational experience, and together we can ensure that your child’s journey into the British educational system is smooth and stress-free. Our experts are only too happy to help steer you through this life-changing decision.

Tori Cadogan, Education Editor, Tatler

Please contact Bonas MacFarlane for a consultation in our Chelsea offices:

School Guidance

Ensure that your child’s journey into the British educational system is smooth and stress-free. Our experts can steer you through this life-changing decision.

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All school placement projects begin with an assessment by Bonas MacFarlane of your child’s current academic level, their level of English and their underlying abilities. 

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Picking the right school is only the start of the process. Many children need help to prepare for exams and entry tests. By partnering with Bonas MacFarlane we can offer the UK's most highly regarded academic support programmes.

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